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In the world of iPhones, and other iDevices, the standard terms that people talk about are jailbreaking, unlocking, and Cydia. iOS users must learn and understand the concept of Cydia Installer and why one should get Cydia installed on their iOS devices.

Cydia Installer
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Cydia can be described as a third-party installer application for all iDevices. Cydia resembles the official app store of iPhones’, which is the Apple store.

Jay Freeman developed Cydia. He is an American businessman and software engineer. He initiated the Cydia software application and related software for jailbroken iOS.

Cydia brings all news about new apps and is available for free. Cydia is important as it offers you to set video ringtones for incoming iOS calls. It has stuff that the Apple store does not allow you. The Apple store only allows to set audio ringtones but VUZIQ, the new Cydia tweak allows you to use video ringtones. Cydia is also helpful if you want to jailbreak your iOS device.

Apple does not approve some of the apps or your iDevice, but if you are using Cydia, all apps and tweaks are enabled. Cydia goes in hand in hand with jailbreaking. It is the process of getting root access to your device to get rid of restrictions that have been imposed by Apple. The installation of Cydia becomes a success only if jailbreaking is done.

The Cydia Installer is a jailbreaking program which is small, and easy-to-use and users can install applications on their device that is unavailable on Apple's App Store

Simple User Interface with few Large Buttons

Cydia Installer has a simple user interface that has a few large buttons. It comes with the features of Add Cydia, Add Installer, replace boot logos and help in unlocking your phone. It is compatible with both older versions of iOS: iOS 6.x and iOS 7.

The Cydia installer is the best for Apple iOS devices; such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. It is not an app but an app store. Freeman, the founder, is also famous under the name Mr.Saurik. Saurik derives from Mr. Freeman’s company name, SaurikIT. The installer, which is an alternative to Apple’s Official App Store, will allow you to download thousands of apps through Cydia. The Cydia Installer, of course, is a freeware for iPhone devices, and Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system.

Cydia Installer

There are two types of jailbreak as tethered jailbreak and untethered jailbreak. The first requires you to plug in the iDevice into the computer every time the device reboots whereas untethered jailbreak allows you to reset without any barrier. There is also another called semi-tethered which allows you to reboot without any issues. Jailbreaking an iPhone is not tough by using a jailbreaking package or premium support, jailbreaking can be done without any trouble.

You might even fall into traps where sometimes malware apps will come onto your device. So, before downloading any app or tweak from the Cydia installer, make sure to read about its guidelines and then install it.

Components of the Cydia installer

To get Cydia installer onto your device and to use it without any hazard, you can go through the details below: There are five tabs on this installer as home, changes, sections, manage, and search.

Cydia Installer

In the changes tab, you will find all new programs and updates. Every time Cydia is opened, it gets maintained by this tab. In sections, all apps are divided into categories, and by selecting the category, you can search for your desired tweak. The manage tab allows managing Cydia, by adding sources, removing programs and accessing to all the storage. You can search for tweaks on this tab by entering the name that you are looking. The manage tab allows Cydia repositories, which is an online hub where developers release and store tweaks for easy access and installation. The most famous repositories are BigBoss and ModMyi

How to Use the Cydia Installer?

Let us get prepared to Jailbreak our iDevice with few clicks using the Cydia installer. This process is how the jailbreak procedure starts on the devices. This section will show you Cydia download.

Some devices that can be jailbreak are iPhone - 5S, 6, 6 Plus, iPad - Mini 2/3/4, Air 2, Pro and iPod - 6th generation.

The pre-requirements are that your iOS device must run on an iOS 10.2.1 or lower. You can check your iOS' operating system, by going to Settings, giving a simple tap on General, sliding to about, and finding the number next to the "Version" entry. If the number indicated here is between 10.0 and 10.2.1, you may proceed. There are ways to jailbreak your iOS device all the way back to iOS 7 if you badly want it.

Cydia Installer

The next step is to disable your iOS device's passcode. Disable the passcode by going to Settings. Then scroll down and tap Touch ID & Passcode. Here you will have to enter your passcode, scroll down and click on Turn Passcode Off. Once again, enter your password. Finally, you have disabled the passcode. After the jailbreak is completed, you can switch on the device passcode once again

The next step is to disable Find My iPhone. First of all, tap the "Back" button in the top-left corner to return to the "Settings" page and scroll down until you can tap iCloud. Scroll down further, and tap Find My iPhone. In this step, slide Find My iPhone left to the "Off" position. Sometimes they would ask you to enter your Apple ID password or use your Touch ID.

Next, update iTunes to the latest version. For this, open iTunes, click the Help tab in the upper-left corner and tap on Check for Updates. The last step is to click Download iTunes if the option is available. After the update is done, restart your computer.

Cydia Installer

Cydia Installer: All Features

Installing the Cydia installer is easy. You will have to go through a simple process. Just one click allows you to download and install Cydia. It provides tons of features and offers premium apps for free. You can access Cydia tweaks that change your device's appearance and behaviors. It also adds a personal taste where different backgrounds, wallpapers can be tried out. Users can also enjoy unlimited feature by jailbreaking and installing Cydia.

The Cydia installer runs outside of your device's system, so there is nothing to worry about warranty. You will not need a PC, and the downloading can be done with a single tap. You can also access the full version anytime. The process is also quick, and any iOS is compatible.

Cydia Installer

The Cydia installer will give iPhone users access to apps that sync over WiFi, access to emulators for video game consoles, themes to customize the look of your device and download files directly to your iDevice.

Can Cydia be installed without jailbreaking?

Cydia without jailbreaking your iDevice is impossible. After you open Cydia, at times, it takes time for reloading. This thing happens because the Cydia installer has the package catalog stored on your iOS device and every time you open it, updates are downloaded.

Jailbreaking process

Go to Yalu jailbreak webpage and click "Download Yalu jailbreak IPA -10.2". Select "Download Cydia Impactor" link and get the one that is related to your operating system. After you click on it, a ZIP file with the jailbreak installer will begin downloading onto your computer. Select a save location and after downloaded double-click the ZIP folder.

Next, Double-click the "Impactor" application, and it will begin installing files on your computer. The next is to click and drag "Yalu" onto the installer window. Now enter your Apple ID email address in the pop-up window and click ok. You will as well have to enter your Apple ID password and click ok. With these steps completed, Yalu will get installed on your device. Open Yalu on your iOS device, which has a black and gray app with a human face and tap, go. After tapping, your iOS device will restart.

Cydia Installer

After restarting is finished, a brown app with a box icon called "Cydia" appears, this means that the Cydia installer has been installed on your iOS device successfully. Now, you may wonder the process to use the app. Open Cydia. It will be there on the Home Screen after the jailbreak complete. You will find the tabs Cydia, Sources, Changes, installed and search. Tap on to go to the Homepage and tap on Themes. With the themes tab, you can change your iOS device's display. Cydia allows to install tweaks and apps outside the official Apple regulations and sometimes may damage your device.

How to Jailbreak iOS 11 on iPhone?

Let us jailbreak iOS 11 by Safari Browser. This passage is about Cydia iOS 11. Open the Safari browser on your phone. Search for Cydia. In the menu that appears, tap where it says Add to Home Screen on the menu. Next, rename your download to Cydia and tap Add at the top. The Cydia icon will be on your Home Screen now. Tap on it to get the latest jailbreak software updates.

iOS 11 supports iPhones above the 4S model to iPhone 7. iOS 11 has a finger detecting electric keyboard, smart Wi-Fi and improved customization.

Cydia Installer

Cydia Installer 2017

Cydia offers apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that runs on iOS 3 or higher, and that is jailbroken. It gives access to apps that aren’t available in the official App Store. In Cydia, you are enabled to access apps that are both free and for pay. To buy apps through Cydia, you can get the use of PayPal, Amazon Payments, or a credit card.

This place is where you are open to an enormous world of themes, tweaks and much more. Jailbreak on your device is the must factor to be completed to download the Cydia installer successfully. It is an open-source application and an alternative for installation of any third party applications. Cydia is now accessible worldwide. Become very familiar and has about 4 millions of downloads and is primarily used among iPhone users.

The Apple's App Store has the apps that it gives on Apple's servers, but Cydia does not have apps on Cydia servers. Instead, users get them from storage provided by the creator of the app.

Cydia Installer

Cydia keeps getting better on every release and update, that is the reason why Cydia is becoming famous worldwide. Recently Cydia acquired Rock, a new mod app store. Further, a theme Center has been added to Cydia. You can buy and manage jailbreak themes on your iPhone, and you can select from a variety of top-selling themes. Moreover, a new user account management system has been added so that users can check previously installed packages. The Cydia developers Jay Freeman has created an iPad version of Cydia and Cydia for Mac is on the way. Cydia free download can be easily done.

How does purchasing apps from Cydia happen?

Cydia offers paid tweaks that are fantastic for your iPhone or iPad. If you are getting apps from the app store, you need to have an iTunes Apple ID. Cydia is developed after a different process, where it allows you to log in with a Facebook or Twitter account. Next, you have to pay via Amazon gift cards or Paypal. What are the latest Cydia installer tweaks that would spice up your mobile phone?

The iSleepWell tweak uses hardware sensors to detect the orientation of the iDevice. When the device is placed screen down on a surface, it turns off all the radios. Activation of the Airplane mode will happen when you’re at a meeting or off to sleep. iSleepWell is there on the BigBoss repository for $0.99. This tweak supports iOS 5 and above.

Cydia Installer

The ClipboardEdit is another tweak that automatically reads text from the clipboard and then displays the text. This tweak is available via BigBoss repository for free. Assistant Extensions is relevant for iPhone 4S users. This tweak is a free download via BigBoss repository. Activator v 1.6.2 is also essential for every jailbreaker. This tweak supports for iOS 5.1 (Apple’s latest iOS firmware). iLettars allows customizing animations. You can find it on the ModMyi repo for $1.59.

Why is it recommended to use the Cydia installer? Are there benefits?

iDevice users have an App Store. Your device might need apps that are not there on the official app store. This place is where the Cydia installer comes to use. If you are badly in need of apps that are strictly prohibited on the app store, you can get them on the Cydia installer. It is hard to survive with apps that are only on the Apple App Store. Cydia installer helps you when you need other apps that are unavailable on the Apple store. This app store will let you find, download and install featured and the best software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. On this app store, you would find themes, add-ons, extensions, and tweaks. Cydia is a guarantee app. It provides you security. The Cydia installer has more video, gaming and personalization options. Some popular apps you get on the installer is Cycorder, “Winterboard,” “MyWi,” “PDANet,” and “MxTube.

Backup your device's data

Next, it is time to connect your device to your computer using iOS device's USB charger cable. You will have to back up your device's data to be sure that data would not be erased if something goes wrong on a jailbreak. This thing is done in case if something goes wrong, the possibility of losing your data is high. You will also have to activate Airplane Mode to prevent Apple over-the-air updates affecting the jailbreak procedure. The jailbreak process will break down if there are interruptions. To enable, go to settings, slide Airplane Mode at the top of the "Settings" page right to the "On" position. Now, you can easily proceed with jailbreaking your device, whether it be an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod would not matter. You will be looking at the most necessary part right now.

Cydia Installer

Cydia app that will let you customize

Now although you know so much about Cydia, the most important question arises now. How can you get the Cydia app that will let you customize your iOS devices will be the most important issue. Well, you can get Cydia Installer either from Safari or by jailbreaking your iOS device.

Via Cydia Pro, you will be able to download Cydia to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It has a user-friendly interface.

The other method is using Safari. Here the steps would start as first make sure that you have the latest version of iOS installed on your phone and then go to the Safari browser that is pre-installed on your iPhone and clicks on it to open. Open the website as Cydia iOS10.3.3 and tap to open.

Directly save on the home screen

After the web page gets loaded, tap on the upper arrow at the bottom-most part of the page and double click on the arrow to open the new options. Next, choose the Add to home screen option. The Cydia app will directly save on the home screen creating a shortcut. You will have to rename the app as Cydia and after you have got the Cydia app on your iPhone, iPad tap to launch. Now you can use the app to get themes and tweaks to add a personal touch to your iPhone or iPad.

Another that will help you to jailbreak is Pangu 9. In this method, you have first to launch iTunes and then connect your device to the computer. Next, first backup all your apps and close iTunes. Next, download Pangu 9 for the jailbreak of your device and connect your iOS device to PC. Double click on the Start button to begin the process. After your device is jailbroken,

Cydia Installer

The Cydia app will appear on the home screen of your iOS device. You can configure the Cydia app by clicking it and start downloading.

TetherMe, BiteSMS and much more

The article has come to an end, in summary, some of the jailbreak apps on Cydia will be spoken. You can use Zephyr. It has a series of gestures. You can also use tetherMe. TetherMe activates your iPhone's hotspot. BiteSMS, Messages+ is another that is best to get themes and tons of customization. SwipeSelection helps to edit text. Merge offers multiple iMessage threads. What it does is, it starts Merging and combining all of your conversations into a single wire. Sparrow+ is a third-party email client app on iOS.

SBSettings helps you customize your Notification Center. iFile is a file manager, gives complete control over your device. You can copy, paste, rename, and change permissions of your files with iFile. NoNewsIsGoodNews is another where you can look into Newsstand magazines and other essential stuff. MapsOpener is similar to Google Maps, and by using iBlacklist, you can block any number. Many have troubles with their previous lovers; this app will put a stop to the unnecessary calls that come from your previous ones. It has options to block all unknown numbers.

CameraTweak is third-party that has best photography tools. It has new controls like separate focus/exposure, white balance, et c.RetinaPad is based on a 3.5-inch iPhones' Retina (960 x 640) resolution. These are some of the most famous tweaks that are available on Cydia installer.

Further the feature, Control Center Customization can be done with the Cydia app, CCSettings, and FlipControlCenter. Here you can add, remove & rearrange toggles. CCSettings Free allows configuring Control Center options from Settings. You can add toggles such as Cellular data and Hotspot.

For screen recording purpose

For screen recording, you have CCRecord, AirShou, EveryCord, and BB Rec on Cydia apps. iFile, Filza is available to manage files. Multiple Icon moving at once can be done on MultiIconMover+ that can be found on Cydia apps. The Dark mode feature can be fulfilled with eclipse and Noctis. This feature is designed to change colors of the display too dark style.

The next feature is less obstructive Volume HUD, where you press the volume buttons on your device in the middle of the screen. Cydia apps & tweaks have brought something similar, which is StatusVol X, or StatusHUD.

Cydia Installer

Cercube 3 will allow you to download videos directly from the Youtube app. You can even export audio to the Music app and play in the background. The next best tweak on Cydia is prefDelete. It manages tweaks by uninstalling other tweaks for efficient performance. Failsafe will enable Wi-Fi, Location Service, and Cellular data and guest mode will allow you share your phone safely with others. What you do is, you give access to your phone, but you restrict them from using apps and features that you want to keep private. This tweak is not free; you will have to pay a price of $0.99.

HideMex allows customizing interface elements. You can hide icon badges and change the style of the dock. This tweak is a paid tweak. You can get it activated by paying a price of $2.99.

About iKeyWi

With iKeyWi installed, you add extra rows of number keys on the fifth row. Typing on iPhone becomes easier, and it will save time with this tweak. Springtomize is another significant tweak which will give a customizing look to iOS. You will be able to personalize the Lock screen, Home screen, and dock. This tweak is a paid tweak. Pay $2.99 to get the tweak activated.

Safe Alarm 2 is for Alarm users. The alarm volume levels can be adjusted to ring in fade voices or can be changed to auto stop. The TranslateMe tweak is free, and it is best to get it from Cydia apps to translate a text without using a dictionary app. By using TranslateMe, any foreign language can be translated into your first or second language.

In a nutshell, Cydia is the best alternative to Apple's App Store. Cydia supports only "jailbroken" devices. All devices should be with iOS operating systems. To get the tweak set on your device, a jailbreaking tool such as Pangu can be used. The steps for a successful download has been spoken about on one of the paragraphs written previously. Dear iOS users, go through the article to get Cydia installer on the device.

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